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Setup guide

Watch Recorded Programs


It means you are not connected to INTERNET please check your Lan (Ethernet) cable make sure it is plugged in correctly and active from your Modem or check your wifi connection. To test it go on You tube  and try playing any video.

You Need at least 5mbps

Yes it comes with 12 Month Hardware warranty

Reset your box to Factory settings 

  1. click on settings from the main screen 
  2. select others & click on more settings
  3. Scroll down to Backup&Reset
  4. Scroll down to Factory Data Reset 
  5. Click on Reset MBX
  6. Click on Erase Everything
  7. Allow few minutes for completing reset Process
  8. You can see your main screen Back please re connect your internet 
  9. this will resolve this Issue 

If your box has Antenna then please start from step 3

If you have been using your box for a year then it means you need to Rechage your Box please visit 

Please contact